About us

Tuscan Organic Wines is the first online store that sells organic, biodynamic and natural wines produced in Tuscany.

The idea came from Giacomo, Giovanni and Alessia, owners of Tuscan Organic Tours, a travel agency that has been dealing with sustainable food and wine itineraries for over fifteen years.

The selection of products has therefore taken shape over time, observing the evolution of the various farms, their agronomic techniques, product transformation capacities and growing quality.

Our commitment, now as in the future, is to make no compromises. In our shop you will not find manipulated but genuine and authentic wines. Terroir wines that fully represent the identity of Tuscany.

“For many years my main job has been guiding my customers in visits of organic and biodynamic farms, to get to know the producers and taste their products. Small and medium-sized operations where the respect for nature is a source of inspiration for all activities. If fifteen years ago it was a bit complicated to find organic farms, today it has become quite easy. I would say almost taken for granted that farms and wineries are already certified organic or at least in conversion. That process is being very quick and I’m very proud to see Tuscany as a pioneer this new green agricultural revolution".


“I’m an agronomist and I’ve been raised in a family of organic extra virgin olive oil producers. Therefore I can argue that nowadays it is established that to obtain a good quality on the final product it is necessary to adopt measures aimed at safeguarding the fertility of the soil and the health of plants and animals. Agricultural practices are increasingly more accurate and synthetic elements, such as fertilizers and chemical plant protection products, have been banned by most of the farms. This is not the easiest way, but it is certainly the only way to protect the entire ecosystem".


"I have always worked in the fields of education and tourism. My passion for wine has grown over the years, while organizing events and tours for students or adults. So I decided to study to become a Sommelier. Gradually entering this world, I realized that wine is just the tip of the iceberg of a very diverse economic and social fabric.  What I really love is to discover what lies behind the various companies and producers, to meet the people who create the products, to understand the territories and the stories that make the wine authentic and unique. It is truly fascinating to live in a region, Tuscany, so beautiful from a natural point of view and so traditionally rich in high quality food and wine. You never stop listening and learning."





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