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Renzo Marinai

The Renzo Marinai farm is located in an old farmhouse complex called San Martino a Cecione. The oldest part of the structure dates back to 1163 AD. and it was a watchtower that the Florentine army had erected to defend the area. In fact, the estate is located on one of the highest parts of the Panzano in Chianti area, from which it dominates the beautiful valley called Conca d’Oro (The Golden Shell). The name seems to derive from the golden color of the ripe wheat. This was one of the very few valleys in Chianti, the soil of which is mostly poor and stony, that was suitable for the production of cereals. Today the estate covers 30 hectares of land of which only 6 are planted with vineyards, 13 with olive groves and the rest is covered by natural oak woods. Renzo Marinai managed to buy the farm in 1996 and immediately started organic management of the fields, leading the way for a movement called ‘Viticoltori di Panzano’ that has been growing in the years. Today it is the largest Italian bio-district and it includes almost all the wineries of the area. When visiting the company there are two things that are very striking. The first is the word 'LOVE' (inspired by Masaru Emoto's experiments) which stands out on the highest part of the vineyards, placed there precisely to infuse positive vibrations to the soil and plants. The second is instead the music of Mozart, constantly diffused in the aging cellar. Specifically, the arias of the composer whose meter is built on the golden succession of the Pisan mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci. According to some studies, the vibrations produced by these arias by the Austrian composer would favor the development of many natural processes. The last curiosity is linked to the production of wheat, the ancient Senator Cappelli variety, in full respect of the tradition of the Conca d’Oro valley.

Total area planted with vines: 8 hectares / 20 acres

Average annual production of the winery: 32.000 bottles

Grapes owned by the winery: 100%


La bottiglia

Nome della bottiglia

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